Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some background

We decided to sell the house that we had lived in for nearly 23 years. This was partly prompted by our dealings with a crazy neighbor ( I won't go into the details at this time...). But also, it had been our intention to live in that house for 5 years, and obviously, we were way behind schedule to move on.

Our dream was to have a quieter and more private location, and to have enough acres of land to have a Tree Farm.

So our house SOLD! - a small miracle in this economy.

We moved out - A process which took many weeks, our stuff filling several storage units and more. Several kind and generous friends agreed to store some of the big stuff from Dean's garage.

And we moved into a small apartment where we are still living out of boxes and daily asking "Do you have any idea where the ____ is?" and stumbling over each other in the tiny kitchen.

Pumpernickel is adjusting to the new situation much better than Dean & I. She just takes is all in stride - truly living in the moment. Perhaps we should take our cues from her as we progress along on this great adventure?

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