Sunday, July 26, 2009

Landowners - Yay!

It's official. As of this past Thursday, we are in fact owner's of this 28.8 acres of land!! We do not have the deed in our hands yet, but we have been assured by our lawyer, that the deal is closed.

So here is our land.

This is how we got it with the area for a house and septic system already cleared by the previous owner. But we have a different idea for the house location, so this will require some additional clearing.

One of our favorite features of the land is the brook which is kind of down the hill at the back of the property as seen in the photo above. From the main clearing, we can hear the brook burbling.

Julie came by for a visit, and said that we were in "Shangri-La"!

And here is another photo of the brook after the nor'easter we had on Friday which dumped 3 inches of rain in some areas. She is not so much burbling as roaring in this one!

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