Sunday, August 23, 2009

Septic, septic, septic

OK - I know it's been all septic, all the time, but that is where we are at. Once we get through with all this septic crap (pun intended), I will post some fun stuff - like foundations, and windows and house plans.

So, the variance turns out to be not as bad as we thought - just some extra hoops to jump through. Our septic design is for a Presby system which is an accepted alternative system, but not the standard, so has some additional steps to be approved.

We had to get the Conservation Commision to sign off on the plan > Dean attended the meeting on Monday night and got the sign off. The commission declined to do a site visit since they are familiar with the property from the previous owner.

Next, all of the abutters have to be notified by certified mail and invited to attend a hearing at a Board of Health meeting. Dean will be attending the BOH meeting this Monday to request the hearing, and if that goes well, we will have a hearing on Sept 14th.

If approved, we will have a permit on the 15th > Our engineers have given us a verbal promise to stake the site that same day...

Our understanding is that once we have that danged septic permit we can apply for a building permit and start actually BUILDING!

In the meantime, we have been doing some land clearing, and trying to finalize a house plan. More on this coming up in a future post...

Nice cliff-hanger ending, huh?

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