Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Framing has begun

This past week brought more progress.

Unitil, out local power company (yes - the same company that took so much flack after last year's ice storm...) came out to put up a couple of telephone poles.

Most of the electrical will run underground, but there is a small wetlands culvert under the driveway where the wires will go overhead for a short run, and then will head underground again to complete the run to the house.

Then we got more evidence that a house will actually be built - a lumbar delivery!

Then our builders set to work on the framing...

In other news... I discovered that we have at least one Witchhazel shrub on our property. This is the only plant that I know of that blooms in the Fall.

Coming up next - the septic installation should start this week - stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Foundation - Part Deux

More forward progress this past week.

The foundation was poured over the footing.

Here is a closer look.

And here I am - happy to be standing in the basement!

Later that week our excavator laid the perimeter drains and backfilled around the foundation.

Here's what it looks like now.

And here is a long view from the future driveway

Dean's family came out on Sunday - the coldest day of the fall, so far, and the day of the first snow of the season - for a first hand look.

(By the way, any of you are welcome to come out for a look-see!)

Laila is amazed at the progress!

Lauren and Dean try to keep warm...

While Jasper tries to catch snow flakes on his tongue.

And everyone likes the view from the top! This is the West wall of the basement...

The boys all wanted to try out the backhoe - which is again out of commission - but Dean will get her going this week.

Later this week, Unitil will install phone poles for the electric, and our builder plans to get started on the framing! WOO- HOO!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Foundations and such

More progress this week!

The foundation has been started.

Here is the hole...

And here is the footing...

There was a lot of activity on Friday.

Our excavator guy was busy removing the big pile of topsoil. He will screen out all of the rocks and debris and later it will be returned to cover the finished septic system.

Our builders were on site to discuss the various ports in the foundation for utilities such as electric and plumbing.

We met our electrician who was also on site taking measurements. Here is Dean having a chat with him...

Seems like the project is finally under way...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dig this!

Here's whats been happening since my last post...

We got an address! Since before we bought the land, it has been known as "lot 11", but we just got a real mailing address. For privacy's sake, I won't post it here - we'll let you know soon what it is. Did you know that it is the 911 emergency system who decides your street number?

We got a foundation plan and a foundation permit!

We hired an excavator who will do the house and garage foundations - as well as the septic system.


Dean got the backhoe running!

Which means...

Let the digging begin!

Dean will be doing some of the non-technical digging, such as trenching for pipes and conduit, etc. Here he is digging a whole for me to put some of my potted perennials to winter over until they have permanent places to be planted.

Here are some photos of our guy using an excavator to clear stumps and strip the topsoil from the house foundation site.

The foundation form guy is scheduled for Friday.