Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dig this!

Here's whats been happening since my last post...

We got an address! Since before we bought the land, it has been known as "lot 11", but we just got a real mailing address. For privacy's sake, I won't post it here - we'll let you know soon what it is. Did you know that it is the 911 emergency system who decides your street number?

We got a foundation plan and a foundation permit!

We hired an excavator who will do the house and garage foundations - as well as the septic system.


Dean got the backhoe running!

Which means...

Let the digging begin!

Dean will be doing some of the non-technical digging, such as trenching for pipes and conduit, etc. Here he is digging a whole for me to put some of my potted perennials to winter over until they have permanent places to be planted.

Here are some photos of our guy using an excavator to clear stumps and strip the topsoil from the house foundation site.

The foundation form guy is scheduled for Friday.

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