Thursday, November 12, 2009

House plans

I have been meaning to post the house plans for some time now, and since I have not had a chance to take photos so far this week, it seems like a good time...

The plans are inspired by our love for Craftsman-style bungalows. The architectural style is also referred to as Arts and Crafts, or Prairie-style. One of the elements of this style is wide roof overhangs. A bungalow is usually a modest size house with usually a square footprint.

This link will take you to a gallery of Arts and Crafts houses so you can get the gist of the style.

Anyway, here are our plans.

The South side of the house is what you will see as you come in the driveway. It features a gable dormer on the second floor. The lowest level is a day-lit basement.

The North side of the house has a shed dormer on the second floor.

The East side shows a bump-out which will be in the dining room.

The West side is where the main entrance will be and features a porch.

And here are the floor plans:

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