Sunday, November 1, 2009

The week in review

Dean is getting pretty handy with the backhoe. He spent most of the week working on this trench that will lead from the well to the house.

Here he is lining the bottom of the trench with sand.

Thursday was "one of those days". First, the generator started pouring out black smoke (This is a new generator by the way - purchased after the ice storm last year - and has less than 20 running hours on it!)

Then, the BOH representative who was supposed to come out and inspect the septic bed, was in meetings all day. It will probably be next Tues before he is available to come out...

Our project supervisor remains un-flustered.

There was a lot of activity at the site on Friday, so I guess it makes up for Thursday.

  • I moved several carloads of stuff from our rented storage units in Townsend, to our rented storage containers on the property. Among the stuff - lots of tools that will be needed later in the project. And we found Dean's hat that he had been looking for!
  • The septic installation moved forward. Rick - our BOH rep - came out on Friday and did the inspection. He is SUCH a nice and helpful guy!
  • Not to mention what nice work Eino (our excavator) has been doing all along! Several truckloads of sand have now been dumped into the septic bed. Eino describes his job as "digging holes and then filling them back up."
  • Dean continued to work on the trench. I even took a turn at the controls and demonstrated some aptitude for the operation...
  • The builders bought a new generator and continued to work on the framing. The basement level is framed and now starting work on the first floor.

I am hoping to see another floor of the house framed this coming week...

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  1. Catherine,

    If you want PV Solar, I can get you 5KW of UL listed PV panels at cost, ~1.80/w FOB NJ..can you buy them via Deams company for R & D???