Sunday, December 13, 2009

Energy to go

Introducing the newest member of our cadre of internal combustion engines!

As you know, the brand new generator (Dean wants me to add that this is a cheap shit, Chinese generator. Longevity is the brand name. Don't buy one!) that we purchased after last year's ice storm, has failed to reliably generate. In its less than 50 hours of operation, it has broken down at least 15 times. So, it has been replaced by this Military surplus, diesel engine, 10 KW generator.


We have continued to work on getting electricity from the road to the house site. The conduit run is 99.5% completed, and the trench has been back-filled.

We spent yesterday - in arctic temperatures - trying to get a fish line through the conduit. It is a very technical procedure involving a balled up plastic grocery bag, some duct tape, a spool of string, and a leaf blower!

Oh yeah, and a shop vac. Blowing on one end, and sucking on the other, sent the line part way through, but we did not quite make the connection.

There is quite a bit of water in the conduit, so a stronger force will be needed. Dean will be at it again today. His plan is to try using the compressor to blow the line through.

I took my turn up the ladder.

While Pumpy kept watch from below.

In other news:

  • The basement floor was poured this week.
  • The doors and windows were delivered - and installation started yesterday. Photos coming soon!
  • We have to pick out doorknobs this week

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