Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ready for Unitil

Well, we finally got the fish line through, and installed the very heavy upright metal pipe, and Dean secured it to the pole, so we are ready for Unitil to run the primary from the road.

Installing the upright went something like this: Arrive to discover a flat tire on the backhoe. Start up the generator - hook it up to the compressor, and fill the tire. Use the backhoe to straighten the telephone pole (which was leaning from being pushed during the trench digging). I got to hold up the plumb bob and direct Dean's fine maneuverings of the backhoe. He is getting quite good with it!

During the pole straightening, a delivery truck arrived, so we had to move the operation so the truck could pass.

Once the pole was straight, we lifted the pipe into place - using the backhoe of course and screwed it tight to the lower pipe which heads underground.

Can you tell from the description that this took half a day to accomplish?

So now we are ready for the power company to come out and pull the wires from the street to the meter.

Here is an interesting fact that we learned about Unitil - they do not work outdoors if the temperature is below 15 degrees...

They were supposed to be there yesterday - but they did not come...

On the house end, our guy Bob, is ready.

Obviously, the wires are not really "live" yet, but I like his optimism!

The house itself continues its progress. The basement floor was poured last week.

And this week, our builder constructed a set of stairs in the basement.

Many of the windows and doors have been installed

And the porch for the main entrance has been started.

Here is the North elevation of the house showing off all of its windows and doors.

We are now getting ready for the roofing contractor.

He came out and dropped off his trailer, and put a tarp on the roof - anticipating the snow storm predicted for tonight. He plans to start shingling on Monday.

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