Monday, December 7, 2009

VICTORY! and some visitors

First, the Victory. The swale has worked out well, and we were finally able to empty the trench of water and expose the ends of the conduit so that we could finish the run to the pole.

Dean and I worked as a team on Saturday. He in the trench - figuring out the geometry, then dry fitting and gluing the lengths of conduit - and me as the trench wench - fetching sections of pipe, running the sump pump, and giving words of encouragement. Not unlike being a midwife except colder and muddier...

We managed to complete at least half the run. Dean will finish and hopefully get it inspected this week. Then Unitil can come out and run some wires so we can have real electricity!

And now, the visitors:
Last week Beth and Kate came out for a look-see.

A roofless upstairs makes for a good photo op... We are standing in the master bedroom.

And then, this past weekend, we were visited by my old friend Marc and his wife, Susan and daughter Julie. He was in town for a conference, so brought along a couple of colleagues - Damian from the UK, and Sylvia from Australia.

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  1. Wow, Is that Marc Thomas? Is he still working as a plastics engineer?