Sunday, February 7, 2010


We continue in the plumbing and electrical mode.

Joe said that it reminded him of a machine - which I guess when you think about it, with all of it's systems, a house is kind of like a machine. I was thinking that it is like the human body with the plumbing being like the blood vessels and the electrical being the equivalent of the nervous system. It is certainly an interesting perspective to be seeing all of these parts that you do not even hardly think about once they have been covered up by walls and such...

So, the rough plumbing has been pressure tested and inspected.

The rough wiring is completed on the upper level, and our guy is now working on the main level.

Dean and I did some work plumbing for the central vacuum system. They call this "sweat equity" - but it is way too cold for any sweat!

This past Thursday was a busy day at the homestead. Lots of activity and visitors!

First, we had the Propane guys stop out.

Since we are going to use propane for the kitchen stove, we decided it made sense to use a propane boiler as our back-up heating plan and for domestic hot water. They always say "domestic" hot water - is this in contrast to the "wild" hot water??

Our primary source for heat will be the wood stove, and with this being a super insulated house, we think that we will actually rarely use the boiler for heat.

I will tell you more about our comprehensive energy plans for the house in a future post.

Dean and the propane guys are trying to figure out the best location for a propane tank.

Roy Brothers Oil & Propane will be setting us up with a temporary tank for the short term. We need to have heat in the house for the plaster to dry correctly and we are anticipating being ready for this in a few weeks.

Then Mom, Mary and Keebler stopped by for a visit.

While Mom and Mary were still here, up the driveway comes a fork truck bringing a delivery of the cedar shingles which will be the "skin" of the house.

And here are all the boxes stacked in one of our storage trailers. The exterior shingling is one of the jobs that we have contracted to do ourselves. It will be a big job!

And then, last but certainly not least, we were visited by the bank inspector who came out to look at our progress so we could be approved to get another chunk of money from our construction loan.


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