Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Drywall and other stuff

I got to spend last week taking a short vacation to Galveston, Texas with my good friend CathyO. We left the day after the 3 day Nor'Easter that dumped about eleven inches of rain in this part of the world.

While I was away, Dean - who held down the fort and continued to work on the Ashby house - got this cool photo of the effects of all that rain on part of the driveway there.

Today, it's raining again, so I walked down to our brook to see what she looks like. Between the rain and the Spring thaw, she's pushing quite a bit of water!

While I was away, the drywall contractor got started.

Among the things that Dean worked on while I was away was the downstairs shower. He got it leveled and shimmed.

I have been the one taking most of the photos on this project, but while I was away, Dean was on orders to take photos. So here is another cool picture that he captured.

Here is the close-up of those two jets. I think it must be a good omen to have 2 jets fly in formation over your house, right?

This past Sunday was a nice sunny day, and I was off work (and back from Texas), so Dean and I spent the afternoon working at the house.

We moved the big pile of scrap wood that was left from the framing.

As usual, Pumpernickel looked on to make sure we were doing a good job.

I took a turn up on the ladder squirting silicon to seal some of the nail holes in the sheathing so hopefully the rain will not come in...

And we sat on the porch for a snack break of crackers and peanut butter and to make funny faces for the camera!

All in all, a nice day! It is a sweet feeling to work on the house where we will someday be living...

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