Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Genie comes out of her bottle

This past week has been a wash - both literally and figuratively. A full week of snow and rain has brought things to a standstill. Dean spent the entire day of last Monday plowing 1.5 feet of super heavy, wet-mashed-potaotes snow.

Later in the week, torrential downpours washed away some of the fill in the driveway leaving a couple of good size gulleys.

Many communities in NH lost their electrical power as a result of this rain and wind storm - but since we STILL don't have electricity - this was not a problem for us!

Speaking of electricty - we have not seen our electrician all week. Reportedly, he has a couple more days of work to complete the rough wiring. This needs to be done before we can move on to insulation...

To keep you entertained, here is a little video clip of Dean testing out the Genie.

Looks like she works fine, and hopefully we will be putting her to use soon!

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