Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slippery when wet

I had in mind to use natural stone tile for surfacing the entry/mudroom and the woodstove hearth. I was thinking I would like to use limestone. I got some samples - which were beautiful - but then got the price which was way high, so...

Did a little more research and ordered a sample of honed granite which was about half the price of the limestone. A honed finish is more matte than the highly polished finish that you associate with granite, but it still seemed like it might be very slippery when wet, and since we wanted to use it in the entry, we were concerned about this.

So we did a "slip test" - which is what I am doing here. I put some water on the tile, and tried it out with several different pairs of shoes, and bare feet, too. I am happy to report that the tile was no more slippery that the linoleum that our current kitchen has. So we are going with it.

We have ordered 100 square feet and expect delivery later this week.

We have been working to get the house ready for the insulators.

The rough electric and plumbing are both done and have been signed off on.

I was spending a lot of time in the last 2 weeks on vacuuming duty to remove all of the little wood chips and saw dust left behind from drilling through studs for pipes and wires, and I was craving to do something that required using a tool other than the vacuum.

One of the cans for recessed lighting needed to be moved about 6 inches. Perfect - a chance to use a ladder, a hammer and a drill!

Dean, in the meantime, continued in his role as the "mad foamer" squirting foam into any little nook, cranny, crack or crevice that he could find.

Here he takes a moment to give a progress report to our job foreman

In other news... Yesterday, the kitchen cabinets were delivered , and the insulators started! More on this in my next post...

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