Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Visitors and Shingles

We spent Easter at where else? The house of course!

On this wonderful warm and sunny day, we had a fun visit with Laila, Jono, Owen, Drew and Jasper.

The boys enjoyed the backhoe.

Here Jasper takes the wheel... Dean says he was a natural!

Next, Drew is the driver.

Even though I only have footage of Drew and Jasper, ALL THREE of the boys - including Owen - took a turn behind the wheel!

Then it was time for a ride on the Genie!

Going up...

Coming down...

It was a regular heavy equipment amusement park, I tell you!

And of course, there is nothing that tops turning your shoe into a shovel for some impromptu digging in the sand while the grown-ups visit!

But back to the house...

I am very excited that we have started shingling the exterior.

This is a job that I really like doing. It puts me into a very Zen place - choosing the right shingle for the space, and putting it in place.

Here is the section that Dean started on. Look how nice the weaved corners look!

Sometimes Dean and I work together, with me setting up the shingles, and Dean following behind with the air nailer.

But the nail gun is not too heavy, so I find I am able to use it, too. Here I was installing the first row of un-finished utility grade shingles. The good shingles we are using are pre-primed in grey.

We have not decided on the final color, but I am really liking the grey. What do you think?

There will be MANY more shingling pics coming up in the next few weeks... And you should see us using the Genie for actual work as we shingle the upper levels.

Still no electricity. Dean went up on a ladder to check if the pull string in the conduit has thawed yet. I was sure with that 80 degree day that we had last week that it would be ready. But... it did not budge. Maybe next week?

Coming up next: Plaster! and our excavator returns next week to finish the septic installation!

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