Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting plastered!

The plastering team was at the house last week - a crew of six guys swept through the entire house in just 2 days!

I had planned to get more action shots, but decided to just stay out of the way as plaster was flying all over the place.

So here is what it looks like now that they are done.

Now that it is done, we have to wait a good two weeks for it to dry out before we bring anything into the house that we want to stay dry - like the hardwood for the floors, and the kitchen cabinets. And we have been advised to wait 4 weeks before painting!

The first day after it was done, the windows were dripping from the humidity in the house. Dean has been monitoring humidity levels daily > at a little less than a week out, the humidity has dropped from 92% on the first day to 72% yesterday. We open all the windows each day to facilitate the drying out.

In the meantime, we have continued to work on the house's exterior. We spent a couple of days putting up ledger boards on the North and South sides of the house for planned future decks.

First, a strip of this rubbery stuff goes up.

Then, the strip of copper flashing.

And the finally the pressure treated board. Note that I am tightening the lag bolts using a manual ratchet while my husband uses the power tool on the other side of the house!

With this strip of aluminum flashing put up over the window and door frames, we are ready to resume shingling.

The word is that our septic guy will be around today to resume work on the septic installation. And we expect a delivery of the hardwood flooring this week...

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