Friday, April 2, 2010


My last post was such a bummer, that I feel a need to quickly counteract with a more positive post. I wanted this blog to be an accurate (albeit terribly biased as mine is the only point of view expressed here) account of our endeavors, and so I am intentionally including all of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Perhaps I should not have put ALL of the negatives into one post...

Anyway, I shall not dwell in negativity, and today's post is full of good news!

Inspite of the numerous delays, discrepencies, deficiencies and disappointments, (nice use of alliteration, huh?) we are in fact making progress! So here is some of the good news.

We got our first dumpster!

We are pretty proud of the fact that we have been recycling/re-using as much as we can, and have gotten this far in the project before needing a dumpster. By comparison, we have been watching a home construction site near to where we are living presently, and they have already filled 2 dumpsters - each twice the size of this one! You can thank us for saving the planet later!

Here's a couple of videos of us filling the dumpster. The first is a load the leftover scraps of sheething. We gave away most of the wood scraps to our friends with wood burning stoves to be used as kindling.

And this is a load of the drywall scraps. We threw the scraps out the upstairs window into the backhoe bucket. Then off to the dumpster they go...

We have some really nice neighbors! The people who share the driveway with us are nice, the people who live next door seem nice, the guy who bow-hunts on our property is nice. I stopped for a visit with a couple of my favorite neighbors on my way to the homestead last week.

Dean has been working on the exterior trim for the windows.

Here are a bunch of them patiently waiting to be installed.

And here is one of them going up!

The bathtub was delivered and put in place in the upstairs bathroom.

The drywall is done and we are ready for the plasterers next week. Our guy did a really nice job!

The joints have been taped and we are ready to go for plaster.

Here is a little bump in that will be finished as shelves. I will have one of these in the dining room too - for my peppermill collection!

We are using a rounded corner bead on all of the external corners. We think the rounded corners will look nice.

So there we go - lots of progress.

Spring has sprung - even out in Ashby. The peepers are singing. The birds are twittering (and not necessarily limiting themselves to 140 characters). The days are getting brighter and warmer and the earth has thawed. Our excavator will resume work on the septic very soon, - ??next week?? - and we should be able to get the power company out to hook up the main electrical. Electricity will be very exciting addition to the project - so stay tuned for that!

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  1. Looks great Cathy. Love your house style and all the details. I have been through two house buildings and two subsequent divorces...not necessarily cause and effect, but housebuilding CAN be incredibly stressful!!! Hang in there Cathy, looks like you will have lovely home and an intact relationship :) by the summer!