Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cathy Carpenter

I have to admit that my carpentry skills basically suck.  I don't seem to have a natural aptitude for this stuff...  I seem to be especially not good at measuring things, and sawing in a straight line. 

Thank goddess I am good at other things!

In spite of this inherent lack of skill, I have been putting in my time on the project, and learning a bunch of stuff, and getting a little better at a few things.  And I am really good at doing the "less skilled" jobs - like running the shop vac.

Here are a few highlights of Cathy Carpenter in action:

Prepping the sub floor with a belt sander.

Cutting an opening in the back of a cabinet using a keyhole saw.

Checking the mailbox post for level.  Of note, I single handedly dug the whole for this - using a shovel and a pick - not a backhoe!

Using a cut-off saw to cut a length of flooring.

Shingling, shingling, shingling...  I am best at the straight runs.  When it comes to going around things, like windows, electrical outlets, etc - I have a hard time.

Dean has taken to referring to me as "grasshopper" to indicate my apprentice status.  OK - fine!

I must be progressing in my apprenticeship, because Dean got me my own carpenter's belt!  Check it out!


 I have now developed the cliched "carpenter's crack"!!


  1. Not only are you now "cliched", but you are obviously distractng Dean from his work!

  2. you look like an official carpenter to me!

  3. from Sunny...

    And I always thought that Deano was the one that was "Cracked". LOL

  4. hey cat - thanks for the birthday card! i always say i'm coming back as a cat!!! they have the life!
    the house is looking good!!

  5. We're all good at some things, not at others. Helps us appreciate the skills and contributions of others as well as our own challenges and growth.

    You're a good artist, among other things.

    Though we're all born with crack(s) perhaps you're right that a certain display is cultivated. Nice work!

  6. crack me up..

    looking good!

  7. Hey Grasshopper,
    I got you that belt to keep the nails out of your mouth! ;-)
    Love Dean