Saturday, May 8, 2010

If it ain't one thing...

To quote Rosann Rosanna-Danna "If it ain't one thing, it's another"...

Dean developed acute onset of vomiting and abdominal pain which localized to the right lower quadrant on Wed night.  A couple of homeopathic remedies helped through the night, but by morning it was apparent that he needed to be seen by a doctor.

He had an emergency appendectomy on Thursday night after spending the entire day in the ER being worked up.

The surgery was straight forward.  No rupture, no complications - nice clean excision.  He is recovering nicely and taking only Ibuprofen for pain.

He got to come home about 15 hours post-op!

Discharge instructions.

Discharge to home!

He is chomping to get back to work on the house, but we will rein him in for now.


  1. Ok, where is the pic of you helping me put my shoes on? That is what we want to see.

  2. Sunny...
    Yikes. Dean, I am happy that you got thru this ordeal with no problems. Be patient, patient, the hammer can wait awhile.

  3. Sunny wrote...
    Yikes!!! Dean, I'm so happy you got thru this without complications.
    Be patient, patient. The hammer can wait a bit.

  4. Sunny...
    Twice is better than not at all. First time, it didn't seem to go thru.

  5. holy moley! that's not a nice thing to do! you didn't need that old thin anyway!! get better soon. from yourfavorite mother-in-law!!

  6. SO, Dean, that's why you kept hitting yourself in the stomach over and over, you wanted time off!! I thought you were just acting weird, I know Pumpy was wondering what you were up to...
    Get better quickly. I know siding does that to me, too...

  7. Oh yeah, the last comment was from Jef, Charlie and Desmond....

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    ~Ann Onymous

  9. Glad you're ok. the house will wait.

    Love, Pari

  10. Way to go, Dean! I'm glad you're on the other side of the event and hope you're healing & feeling well. ~jb