Monday, May 31, 2010

Just call me "Fetch"

We spent yesterday working at the house - of course!  The weather was just lovely, and we had doors and windows open.

We have gotten to a point in the shingling where Dean now has to finish trimming out a few of the windows before we can continue.  So, while he worked outside doing that, I was inside doing some flooring. 

Dean was working up on the Genie, and rather than going up and down when he needed a tool or something, he would call in through the open door:

Cat, can you hand me my tape measure?

Hey Cat, can you go downstairs and see if you can find some nails for me?

Just call me "Fetch"!

We both needed the air hose, and so we shared it by passing it back and forth through the dining room door.

We'll be back at it again today!

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