Friday, May 21, 2010

This & That Weekly Update

Septic Progress

The septic passed inspection this week. Yeee Ha!
First, the septic tank gets filled with some water to test the pump.

This is the pump. Did you ever think you could be so close up & personal with a septic pump?

Here is a clip showing the pump being tested.  

What you are seeing here is actually the distribution box. The pump sends the effluent from the septic tanks to the D box, which then sends it to the leaching field.

Looks like it works fine!  Ready to pump "effluent" - a nice word for for pissy, crappy water and such.

Present for the inspection were the septic contractor and his dog, the septic engineer, and the Board of Health guy.  Sadly, I missed it.  Dean was under orders to document the event - and he did a fine job!

I scored a free toilet from our local free-cycling group.  Now that we have a working septic system, we will install this in the basement, and we can get rid of the PortaPotty and save the $100 monthly rental charge!


If it's raining, we must be flooring... 
 We are plugging away at laying the hardwood flooring.  Here Dean shows off the pneumatic flooring nailer.  I think this footage was pre-appendix.  Yes - for now, everything is relative to that event, but soon I am pretty sure it will fade into distant memory...

For a while, only Dean was allowed to use the nailer, while I was relegated to laying out the lengths of flooring.  But we figured out that I am able to handle the nailer, and we actually make much quicker progress with both of us working on laying and nailing.  Since I am not at all proficient in the areas that need cut arounds, or that need to be drilled and hammered by hand, it means that I can continue to be productive while Dean handles those challenges...

I have been working on one side of the room, while Dean works on the other side, so the finished area is expanding in both directions.

It is amazingly back breaking work!

So here is what it is looking like so  far...


This week's MHHB guest visitors

CathyO stopped by on Saturday.

Teddy Bear was delivering milk in the area on Wednesday, so he stopped in.

and he brought us some milk! Sweet!

Feuding with the builder

If you have been following this blog, you know that we have been less than happy with our builder.  Well, it is now a full out feud.

Without going into ALL of the dirty details, in addition to all of our complaints about the quality of his work, we now believe that he has overcharged us.  We have had a number of other builders give us informal estimates for the work that was done, and what we actually paid far exceeds these estimates.  We have asked for a partial refund, but so far he is unwilling to do this.

We are considering litigation.  Can anyone recommend a lawyer?

Fixing the Zip tape

One of the things that our builder did poorly, which we are now fixing, was the installation of the Zip tape.

The Zip tape system, when installed correctly, is intended to seal air gaps between the large panels of sheathing and at all of the joints.  When there are wrinkles in the tape, air can get in.

Pretty much the whole house is riddled with wrinkles...

From the Zip system website's FAQ:

Wrinkled tape may contribute to leaks in the system. If a taped seam contains a wrinkle, first, try to lift and replace the wrinkled area of tape. Next, re-apply pressure to the tape using the ZIP System tape gun roller to ensure the tape is sealed. If the tape is already adhered and difficult to remove, simply use the roller on the tape gun and apply as much pressure as needed to make certain the tape is secured to the panel, particularly around the tape edges. This should flatten any air pocket and activate the tape adhesive to bond completely with the ZIP System panels.

So we have been spending quite a bit of time patching the air gaps...

Another place where the Zip tape was not used correctly is around the windows.  The tape is supposed to overlap onto the window frame to create a seal.  So we will be fixing this as well...


All of this Zip tape repair has slowed us down a bit on the shingling...

I wonder what adventures next week will bring??

Hey, want to be a MHHB featured guest?  Come on out for a visit!!


  1. Frustrating when people don't seem to care about doing a good job.....

    xxoo -Pari

  2. everything to avoid, a little time or money lost can turn into big money paid.
    And you never know, the contractor just might find areas that he undercharged you. On large projects, it can go both ways.

    Often, best to fix it yourself (will get done right)get over it and get on with life in a wonderful new home!

  3. negarre.moore @ -Saturday, May 22, 2010

    Cathy and Dean,

    We agree with Anonymous!


    Murv and NeGarre.

  4. I agree with Anonymous too!