Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekly Progress Report

OK - so the last post veered a bit off topic, but I felt it applied because a long project like this does not exist in a vacuum, but rather amidst the context of real lives. This whole project is affected by the comings and goings of our ordinary - and sometimes more challenging - daily routines.

Septic Progress

While Dean was developing and being treated for acute appendicitis, the septic installation continued to progress, and is now nearing completion.

You have already seen the leach field, and the distribution box.

Last week (pre-appendix) the septic tanks were installed. Here's how that went.

First, digging and prepping the hole in the ground.

The orange paint lines indicate the positioning for the tanks.

Here come the tanks!

The truck gets set up for unloading...

Here's a few short video clips showing the tanks being unloaded.

Here the tanks are being set in place.  Each tank is in two parts, and this sticky gasket goes between each piece.

This week, more pipes have been added to connect the various components of the system, and the vent pipes are going in.  The Presby system that we are using requires two vent pipes - a short one, and a tall one - the taller one being about 13 feet in height.

Here is the short vent pipe.

And here is the taller one.  When we cover it with some dark gray or brown paint, it will fade into the background. 

I have been joking that I an going to glue some tree bark on it for even better camouflage!!

And here is a look at the west side of the house from the vent pipe's point of view...

Last week's MHHB special guests

We had a visit from Whitney and Zanna last week.

The Mailbox

With Dean on the injured list, and unable to perform any physical work, and both of us anxious to get back to work at the house, we were looking for a project that I could do under his supervision, and so on the Sunday following his surgery, "Grasshopper" installed the mailbox.

Dean has pointed out that, now every time I come home, I will see my beautiful handywork as I turn into the driveway!

Another friend

Pumpernickel has been enjoying the company of Cheyenne - our excavator's dog.  Cheyenne is an Australian Cattle dog who has a strong instinct for herding, so she gives Pumps a run for her money.

When Pumpy tires of running around with Cheyenne, her new favorite napping spot is under the porch.

A nap a sounds like a good idea, and so, signing off for now....


  1. Thanks for featuring me in the "Moore Home Build Blog"! I had a fun time seeing Pumper, checking out the new house and taking a dip. Of course I also enjoyed the end when Dean fed me roast beef...but he seemed a bit off - like maybe he was coming down with appendicitis or something...;-)


  2. Is that a whole hole or a hole whole, at the beginning of the blog? What a jerk, huh? Two Airedale pups will be up soon to bother Pumpy.

  3. Jasper will be bummed that he missed the septic installation with the big truck. Ah well, next home build. ;)

  4. Thanks, Jef > I had not noticed my misuse of the word "whole". Corrected a couple of typos, too.

    Yes - do bring the boys over for a visit!!