Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice moon
Rising over future home
Illuminate me

Haiku is a poetry form that presents a little snapshot of a time and place.  I composed this poem on Thursday evening as I was pursuing a photo of the moonrise. 

I drove out to the house after working a 12 hour shift at BWH to get a photo of the moonrise.  I had tried the night before, but the sky was still too bright when the moon rose around 6 PM, and the photos did not come out very good.  I knew that the moonrise was a little later this night, and thought I would get a better result. 

It was nice to be there by myself, at dusk - so quiet and warm with a nice summer breeze...

The greening of the hump

We have germination.

More growth.

And still more growth!

And now this is what we see as we drive up to the house.

OK - I think that is enough pictures of growing grass for now...


I found some pretty mushrooms growing near our brook.  Is anyone out there a mushroom identifier?  I would love to know what these are.

Don't tread on me

Tom is doing an AWESOME job on the finish stairs!  We are very happy with his work. 

Check out the beautiful skirt board, risers and trim.

Nice POV on this one Dean!  Were you standing on a ladder?

The stairs look SO nice, even with the working pine treads still on.  Can you imagine how pretty they are going to look with the finished Hickory treads?

The happy home owner!

On Friday, Tom delivered the Hickory treads - they are gorgeous.  Dean will polyurethane them, and Tom will install them.


OK, I have to give yet another little dig to Genie.  I have taken to referring to her as Dean's girlfriend since he has been spending so much time with her!   And I have figured out how she saves time and energy compared to going up and down a ladder - when Dean is up in the basket, he calls to me to get what he needs!    See my previous post "Just call me Fetch"

So this week we had to move Genie into a pretty tight position.  Under the best of circumstances, she is not at all easy to move, and now that the septic tanks are in, we have very little room to maneuver on this particular corner of the house, so here was the procedure for moving her:

  • Lift the outriggers

  • Drive the backhoe up close to the tongue end

  • Hook up some chain between the backhoe shovel and the tongue end of Genie

  • Try to pick her up (this did not work)

  • Try to drag her into position (this did not work either as the small wheels dug into the soft sand)

  • Remove the basket

  • Reposition the chain to create a better pivot point

  • Lay some pieces of plywood on the ground to encourage the wheels to roll

  • Lift and pull into position using the backhoe  (This finally worked!!)

  • Replace the basket

  • Lower the outriggers and level the unit

Elapsed time - about 75 minutes!  I'm just saying...

But OK  - I must also take a moment here to give Dean some props.  I am always amazed at his problem solving ability, and very impressed with his understanding of mechanical advantage and other basic principles of physics like pivot points, and torque, and simple machines, and stuff I have no understanding of!  I mean he ALWAYS figures it out!

Still shingling...

Oh yeah - we are still shingling...  It is a pretty slow process putting up one shingle at a time, but it is coming along, and looking really nice!


And still flooring...

That's it for this week.  You know where to find us most days, so stop in for a visit if you are so inclined!

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  1. Nice job on the stairs, Tom!