Saturday, July 10, 2010

Through the Chimney Hole

It has been a week of sweltering hot weather here in North Central MA - actually the whole Eastern USA - with temps of 98 - 102 degrees!  The kind of weather where I would prefer to sit in the shade and sip lemonade - not the kind of weather that I want to be sanding drywall plaster in ...

Fourth of July

This week we had a visit from the Moore clan on the 4th of July. 
As I mentioned earlier, it was hot, so we spent some time hanging out at the brook...

The chimney hole

One of the main projects this week was the chimney whole.  We have reached the point where the base of the wood stove chimney where it enters the house has to be installed before continuing on with the shingling.

So here is the hole.

Here is Dean working on the whole.

And here we have some fun with the hole. 

Really, who would have guessed that a whole in the wall could be so fun?

And here the pipe has been installed and the shingling progression continues...

And here is what it looks like from the inside, so far.

The gap in the hardwood flooring is where the tiled hearth will be.

And here is what it looks like with some shingles.  The rest of the chimney will be installed later.

Flooring done?

We completed phase one of the hardwood flooring - I think.  Actually, I declared it finished several times this week only to discover another little piece that needed to be put in.  There were a couple of places where the gap at the wall was just a hair larger than the planned trim would cover, so I had to finish these.  But, I think we are now REALLY done with laying the hardwood.

In this section of the dining room you see some tools of the trade and you can see in the lower right hand corner how the tiled hearth will relate to the hardwood.

Here is the living room - done!

And here Dean trims a length for me to fill in one of those wall gaps that I mentioned.

Here is the pile of wood we have left after doing the whole first floor, the landing on the stairs, and the upstairs hall and bathroom.

We may have enough leftover to do the south bedroom upstairs...

So, I declare once again, phase one of the flooring is done!  (I think, I hope...)

We will hire out the sanding and finishing.

And I also declare that this post is done for today. 

Stay tuned as the adventure continues.  Coming up this week - delivery and installation of kitchen counter tops.


  1. great to see you guys! thanks for having us.

    xxoo -Pari Jasper and Solana

  2. I declare that is one fine-lookin' house! All your hard work is showing in the style, the light, materials.... Looks really, really nice. Sorry I missed you guys on the 4rth. :-(
    But loved the pics. <3 L.