Monday, August 23, 2010

More finishing progress...


This week we had our electricians on site installing fixtures and working away at our long punch list of things we need for occupancy.

Here they are working on the under cabinet lighting.

They installed some of the exterior light fixtures.

We still need to get outdoor flood lights, but we have not decided what we want:  Fluorescent?  Motion activated??


We have a punch list for our plumbers, too. 

They got some of the baseboard heat in.

They got the toilet in and plumbed the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen.

All we need is a shower door and a toilet seat, and we have a basically functioning bathroom.  Check!


The kitchen appliances were delivered on Thursday.

So the fridge had a dent in one of the panels in the back.  It was actually a bigger dent than it appears in the photo - the delivery guy unscrewed and straightened it a bit.  We were able to negotiate 20% off the price we paid - sweet! 

But, this does add to a growing list of damaged goods we have gotten at Lowes....

Since we were not quite ready to install the appliances, we corralled them in the entryway.

On Sunday, a predicted 3 day Nor'Easter came to town - no shingling - so we turned our attention indoors and got the fridge installed. 

We had to switch the door opening side, and this took a surprisingly long amount of time.

Pumpernickel keeps an eye on us...

~ ~ ~ ~

And finally - done - victory!!

Earlier in the week...

Before the rain set in (which by the way, New England has been sorely in need of ), we did get some more work done on the exterior.

Dean got the bead board which will be the porch ceiling in place.

Don't worry, the multi colors are just the primer.  We had started out with this green primer, then decided to switch to gray, since that is closer to what our final color will be...

We had moved Genie from the East side to the West side of the house, and so we are now working to get the shingling done on this side.

But first - some shingles (along with my heart) had to be ripped out. 

Oh how I hate doing things twice!  These are shingles that I put up, but then we discovered that the next course would have had a much bigger reveal, and look wrong, so this whole row was taken out.  The result will be a much nicer look.

So here is what the West side was looking like as of Wednesday this week.

The upcoming week promises more indoor progress. 

On the list, is getting the water filter working > we had to buy an additional pH adjusting tank, and this needs to be hooked up to the system.


  1. Cathy, you and Dean are amazing with all of the details you are dealing with. And just think, years from now when some contractor comes to do something or other and asks a question like "where is that underground pipe?", or "is there any electric wiring running down the stud on this wall?"...
    You'll know all of the answers.
    The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter.
    Hugs, Sun

  2. Almost liveable!

    xo -P

  3. An important plumbing fact: A straight flush beats a full house. ~jhj