Monday, August 16, 2010

One Side Done!

The big news this week is that one side of the house now has ALL of it's shingles in place!

Of course there is still a good amount of work to be done on this side of the house...  Such as, the chimney installation needs to be completed.

And, the soffits need to be closed in with bead board.

Only three more sides of the house, and the shingling will be done.  There is actually not all that much square footage to be covered, but two of the sides are the dormers which will be slow because they are awkward to work on - even with Genie.   And we are going to use some pretty shingle patterns which involve more cutting...

Delays and Frustrations

So I bought a really nice, beautiful (expensive) special order frameless shower door for the downstairs bathroom.  So we are installing it.  We get the mounting hardware all in place and are ready to set the door - it does not fit! - too small - I ordered THE WRONG SIZE!  Fuck.

So here it sits while we wait for a new door to arrive...  Does anyone need a shower door?  Or know someone who does?

OK, so we turn our attention to installing the range hood. 

We go to place it in it's spot to mark where to make the openings - and it won't fit in the space.  It is about 1/16 inch too wide.  This time it is NOT my fault.  On closer inspection of the unit, we find that one side has been put together incorrectly, causing the corner to stick out.

Here is the good side:

And here is the bad side:

Can you see the difference? So now the question is, do we send it back and wait a couple of weeks to get another, or do we fix it ourselves?

Well we decided to make the fix. So Dean broke the welds on that side of the hood and pushed the corner in. Voila! Then we go to attach the damper, and it does not fit... so more tweeking.

Luckily, I live with a metal worker who has the tools and the know-how to deal with this fix. I cannot imagine the average homeowner would be able to pull this off...

Bathroom progress

OK, so the shower door project is on hold, but Dean did manage to get the sink installed.

Our plumber was on vacation last week.  We hope to get him back soon to plumb the sink and to install the flange so we can get the toilet in too.

Kitchen progress

We glued the sections of butcher block countertop together. Here Dean is putting the glue and the biscuits in place.


We got a quote on carpeting from a flooring store that we thought was too much money, so we ended up going with the less expensive quote we got from Home Depot.

Here it is being installed.

The padding.

The carpet.

And the end result.

It looks nice, but when you walk on it, there are noticeable areas where the padding is somewhat thinner.  Perhaps we should have gone with the more expensive option...

Grasshopper update

I continue to contribute to the project with my various little grasshopper assignments, some more successfully than others...

Here I am drilling holes through these little blocks of wood.

You are probably wondering why I am doing this...

Well, these blocks are the beginning of the baseboard heat enclosure that we will build.  We had done this in our house in Townsend, and we liked the result much better than those metal enclosures that you buy.

So, the blocks are secured to the walls > the heat register will sit atop the block > another block will be attached above the register > and then lengths of wood will be attached to the top and front with spaces to let the heat out.

Here is one of the blocks in place.

I have also finished priming the bead board.  Here are my little soldiers all lined up drying...

Watching the grass grow.

The grass on the septic hump is growing nicely.  It is getting long and starting to look less like a hump, and more like a pasture.

The Perseids

The Perseids meteor shower peaked this week.  Dean and I went out to 388 on Friday at about midnight to have a look-see.  It was a lovely clear, cool summer night.  We lay out in the yard, snuggled under a blanket, and took in the show. 

Nothing like being showered in meteors to make a person (me) feel blessed...

Thanks, Dean for sharing this with me!


  1. Maybe you can build a food storage cabinet/pantry in the basement and use the shower door on it. Just a thought.

  2. That's a bummer about the shower. I also have an extra shower door that we bought for the renovation in Tahoe that Neil came to help me with. Decided the install was just to complicated (long story)....Maybe my shower door will fit yours? I'll put it in my luggage next visit. ;)

  3. OK - so a video of grass is pretty boring... If you turn up the volume, you will hear the crickets! Cathy