Sunday, August 1, 2010


The big story this week is paint.

So I have discovered that painting is really hard - I mean hard to get a really nice, professional looking result.  There is quite a learning curve understanding the behavior of paint, how to load just the right amount onto the roller, and use just the right amount of pressure to deliver the paint to the wall, etc... 

And don't even get me started on doing the edging!  Is it too much to ask to want a nice straight crisp edge?  Does anyone have any tricks to achieve this?  Has anyone used any of those edging tools and found them to actually work???

I have discovered that I love Benjamin Moore!  It is really nice paint.  We started with ceilings using Valspar flat ceiling white, and it came out terrible - very uneven and patchy.  So we switched to Ben, and what a difference.

Buying paint at Apple Meadow True Value in Townsend.

Getting started.

Dean rolls the ceilings in the kitchen.

While I get to work in the master bedroom.

This is the wall that the head of the bed will be against.  The color is Benjamin Moore's "waterfall".

Dean works on the edging.

And here's what that wall looked like when done.

The remainder of the walls are a light blue "arctic blue" from the same color strip.

These are light sconces painted to match the walls.

There are a couple of places in the upstairs where instead of a flat ceiling, we opted to follow the roof line, making for some nice angles and high open spots.  We had not been thinking about how SCARY these areas would be to paint!

Here Dean tackles the edging in one of the scary places.

And here is the finished room.  Whitney says it feels like you are in a swimming pool! 

Having worked 30 or so years working nights and needing to sleep during the day, from the very beginning of the designing of this house, I knew I wanted this north room as the bedroom.  It is cool and quiet and a little bit dark - perfect for someone who has to sleep in the day time.  So when it came time to pick paint color, I was motivated by the same idea - that is sleep!  I wanted something cool and soothing and conducive to ZZZzzzz's

Nobody obsesses about sleep more than someone whose job it is to stay awake all night.  I remember back when I was a nurse on L&D years ago, when we were having a quiet night (this was before surfing the Internet by the way) we would flip through catalogs and drool over sheets and blankets and fluffy pillows and soft pajamas! 

A nice carpet, a couple of doors and some window and baseboard trim, and this room will be done!

We are doing most of the main floor - kitchen, living, dining, bathroom and entry - in this lovely Ben Moore "Stonington grey".

The dining room.

The living room.

Dean works in the kitchen.

 Our job foreman comes by to check out the progress...

The rest of the time she sleeps.  If she is not under the porch, she is in her new favorite place on the north side of the house where she has made herself a nice hole to rest in.


Our utility sink is already coming in very handy.  It is indispensable with all of the paint clean-up we have been doing.

Shingling update

Of course, there is still shingling.  We have been focused on getting a lot of painting done before the floor finishers come in, so there has not been a lot of shingling this week.  But Dean did manage to completely finish one corner!!

And is close to finishing another corner.

And we have introduced another shingle pattern using random width shingles.  I am calling it ZigZag.  Dean is calling it the wave...

As you can see, there is just the very top of this gable to finish this side, but this is the highest, scariest portion of the shingling job, and we have agreed that Dean should only be this high on the Genie, when I am around just is case we need to call 911!


We have been enjoying seeing and listening to our local birds.  Pretty much all day, we are hearing thrushes with their lovley picolo song.  And we are often hearing from a couple of barred owls who call back and forth.

And here is a not very good picture of a Scarlet Tanager who we have been seeing a lot of.

Coming up this week: 

The floor finishers who had originally said they would start this week, are coming on Monday.

Maybe we will see our electrician who also promised to be there this week and did not show.  We are hoping to get the hot water tank wired.


  1. It's coming along! Wow! Looks great! I love the blues, and the floors are beautiful! Awesome pic of the scarlet tananger.

    xxoo -P

  2. Love the colors you've picked out for the walls! And I had no idea that brand of paint could make such a difference. That's good to know.