Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly update - early August 2010

Floor Finishing

This was the big story this week.  With the exception of a few small defects, the floors came out great and look just amazing.  Our floor guy will come back next week to make the fixes.


The sawdust from the sanding goes into the compost pile!

The first coat of polyurethane.  Looking good!

And here is the finished floor.  It has 2 coats of glossy polyurethane and for the third and final coat we went with a semi gloss for a more satiny finish.  It looks really nice.

The living room.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

The upstairs hall leading into the bathroom.

A yellow ceiling.

I have always had white ceilings.  In my general research about choosing home colors I  read about using other colors on the ceiling, and so decided to try it.  The pantry being small and relatively dark seemed like a good place to experiment.

Here it is in Benjamin Moore's "moonlight".  What do you think?

In the basement.

We had to stay out of the main house while the floors were being done, so one area that got some attention was the basement.

Our electricians were on site on Monday.

They wired the hot water heater - so now we have hot AND cold running water!

And they put in an outlet for a clothes dryer.  Yes, we will have one.  Even though we do 99% of our drying on a clothes line, we like to use the dryer for about a 10 minute no heat fluff cycle to take the crispy edge off the line dried clothes.

We finally installed a toilet in the basement.  It has been many weeks since the porta-potty left the work site, and we have been doing without.  We decided not to use the free-cycled toilet that I picked up because it is not low-flush, and so we went to Lowes and bought one for $69.

And here she sits among the general chaos in the basement.  One day we will put up some walls and make this area into a small lavatory.

The Three Stooges

With the addition of a water filtration device, we now have three fairly large tanks hanging out together in the basement.  I guess they are really not stooges as each one promises to do a really good job at its assigned duty.  The water filter still needs to be plumbed, and Dean is working on that.

Appliance shopping

The other big project that we wanted to accomplish while the floors were drying was to purchase kitchen appliances.

Checking out the offerings.

Ringing up the sale.

Paying for it.

Success!  We expect delivery about mid August.

And then there is shingling.

My update would not be complete without a progress report on the shingling.

Forward progress continues, and the east side of the house is very near being done!

On Friday we were here.

And more was added on Saturday.

And I got to take a break from painting and get reacquainted with shingling.  Here I work on the west side.

Summer winding down...

As I drive up the driveway now, I hear the crickets singing louder and louder.  Though I love the cricket's August song, it always brings a small pang of sadness - that summer is winding down.

In most years, I would be getting ready to head to the coast of Maine for some time with my best women friends.  But alas, not this year...

Dean and I have been trying to decide if we can take our usual September on The Cape vacation.  Since we plan to move into the house in September, I would say that it is doubtful...

Our brook - Locke Brook is at the lowest that I have ever seen it in the year or so that I have been visiting it.  Yesterday, I took this little video of the water skimmers in a shallow pool.  Even more interesting to me than the bugs themselves, is the cool shadows they cast in the afternoon sun.

Coming up this week: 

Our plumber gets back from vacation, so we will put him to work plumbing the kitchen sink, and possibly installing a boiler.

And we will continue to plug away at the shingling...


  1. Up to the basement!

  2. Floors look AMAZING! Like the yellow ceiling. Loved the appliance shopping photos as we're doing the same thing this week! Too funny!!!!

    xxoo -P