Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It Takes a Village

Today's post is coming to you from the Ashby Library in lovely downtown Ashby!

And moving is the big story as we have been spent the last two weeks organizing for and actually making the move.  So we are now living in the house!

Moving week

Once again, family and friends came through for us and pitched in with much generosity and good spirit to help us with the move.

Just in time for the big move, Dean's truck sprung a leak in the fuel pump, so it is out of commission.

Here is Dean taking the pump out...


A special shout out & big THANKS to Matt for letting us borrow his truck for the move!

On Monday, CathyO spent a day helping out.  We packed up 2 cars full of stuff.

On Friday, Laila and Jono spent the day helping out, and we made two runs - each with 2 trucks and a carload of stuff.

The caravan gets ready to leave Pepperell.

Let the unloading begin!

Here comes the second run of the day.

Jono secures the load.

And more unloading...

Laila and Jono did so much that there was relatively little left to do.

On Saturday, we finished up with some help from Joe, Rich and Kate.

Kate packs up the kitchen.

Dean and Joe work on the mattress.

Loading up the truck.

Loading Kate's mini van.

Little Miss P is not amused by all the bustling about...

The guys strategize.

Unloading in Ashby...

Taking a bagel break.

A Jimmy Hendrix moment.

"Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand??"

And the general chaos that will now need to be sorted out.

!!Thanks a huge bunch to everyone who helped!!

While moving was the major focus, there was still plenty of other stuff going on since my last post.  Among them:

The lighting Saga continues

Ted has taken an interest in our lighting challenge, and he stopped by with an LED that he wanted us to try in the recessed cans.

Cathy tries her hand at plumbing

I was finishing the dishwasher hook-up, and not enjoying this awkward position.

Good thing I don't do plumbing for a living...

Chimney progress

Dean finished the chimney installation.

A visit from Ward

Ward, a dedicated blog follower, finally decided to drop by for an "in person" tour.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

We installed a mirror in the bathroom.

Day one, putting in the board which will hold the base of the mirror.

Day two, the actual mirror goes in.  We got this mirror from a free-cycler!

Finish work

I started painting the wood that will become the finish baseboard trim.

Our electricians put on the switch plates and thermostats.

And lots of other little finishing touches are happening everyday - but the punch list remains long...

But we are no longer paying rent, and we no longer have to drive to the house every day to work on it.  Yay!

Internet access

We are very close to having home internet access!  In fact, we may have it now, as I sit here in the Ashby Library working on this post.
As you may recall, we were not sure what there was available to us, and what it would cost.  I had been under the impression that Verizon DSL was not available in our area, so we got an estimate from Comcast.  Their quote to run a cable from the road to our house was $1800.  Yikes!  So when I was calling Verizon to cancel our service in Pepperell, I learned that in fact DSL might be available to us.

So yesterday, Verizon came and installed the phone line - for FREE!  So we now have a land line phone, and will probably have the DSL internet connection working be later today.