Saturday, September 11, 2010

Putting on more finishing touchs

As promised in my last post, we had a "do-over" on the pump jack staging.  It just was not positioned in such a way as to be useful, so we moved it.

First, using a pry bar to get the nails out.  I am standing at the base, steadying this very tall column of wood while simultaneously taking photos.

Rather than attaching to the fascia board, this time we attached to the rafters to bring the whole thing in closer to the building.

The new positioning works great!

So, I got to work to do some shingling...  But first, I had to put up a piece of Zip Tape where our former builder had failed to seal one of the seams.  Yes - we are still finding his mistakes, oversights and generally poor quality work...

Here is another thing we discovered.  The nails he used to attach the fascia board, are popping out... 

...causing the board to pull away from the building.

So we are needing to replace them all with ring shanked nails that actually have some grabbing power and will keep the board attached.

What I learned about nails this summer

Here's what I have learned about nails.  There are lots of different types, and each has particular attributes specific to the type of work they are being asked to do.

For example, these duplex nails are big and strong, but are designed for ease of removal, so are intended for temporary holding.

That double head leaves a nice gap to fit a hammer claw or pry bar under when you are ready to remove them.  How clever!

We used these to attach the staging to the house...

Ring shanked nails have better gripping power, so are not going to migrate out after they are hammered in.

We used these 2 1/2 inch stainless ring shanked nails to replace the ones that are popping out of the fascia board.

Shingling nails are also ring shanked, but have a wider flatter head making them better at securing the shingles.

And so on and so forth...
Want to know more about this fascinating topic?  Here is a link to an article about the types of nails and an article on choosing the correct nail for a framing job.

Washing windows

On Sunday, my good friends Kate and CathyO came over and we washed the windows and put up the screens for the entire house!

Kate carries the screens in from the storage unit.

These double hung windows have that nice "tip in" feature that makes window washing so much easier.

Thank you SO MUCH for your help!

Speaking of help...

Eric and Julie stopped by this week to help Dean move some of the heavy furniture upstairs.  I regret that I was not there to document it.  They managed to get the big, heavy bureau up to the bedroom, and the dining table and hutch up to the first floor.  Thank you SO MUCH for your help!

We are very blessed to have such helpful friends and family!

The return of Fetch

Hey Cat, can you get me a seven inch shingle?

Can you get me some nails?

Will you go downstairs and get the pliers for me?

Moving Genie

We have gotten more efficient in moving the Genie.  Here we hooked her up to the truck, and I am directing Dean as he backs her into position.

Keep coming...

Slow down...


Interior updates

We finally got our plumber back  - after calling him three times with no response for a week and a half...  What is it with these construction trade guys???

Anyway, we now have the plumbing for the propane in.  It was inspected yesterday, and we will get a propane tank delivered and installed next week.

And he plumbed for the dishwasher, so we got that installed.

I put in the TP holder - all by myself!  Very satisfying.

We worked on finishing the range hood installation...

It is going to require yet some more tweeking, as the piece that should cover the fan does not fit...

So here I am using a metal cutting rasp to enlarge the slot to make it fit.

This did the trick, and I was able to complete the installation.

We worked on getting the cabinet door and drawer pulls installed.  First, Dean constructs a jig to insure that the placement is uniform.

Then he tweeks the jig, because it was just a tiny bit off...

Measuring for placement.

Securing the screws.


On the outside

The northwest corner, and the west side of the house are now completely shingled.  All that is left is the dormer on the north, a little bit on the porch roof, and the south side!

Pretty pink grass on the hump...

It's looking good!

We'll be moving in - in two weeks...


  1. Fantastic News - that you will be in, in two weeks.
    You both have done so much, so well, particularly in
    fixing all the screw-ups that others made.
    Hats off to you. I am so excited for you both and of
    course for your foreman. Pump is going to love it
    when everything finally quiets down into a nice peaceful
    new HOME.
    Hugs, Sunny

  2. Wow! 2 weeks! Exciting!!!!! Can't wait to see it on our next visit.

    xxoo -P

  3. Slight correction: Dean tells me that it is not the nail that causes the wood to pull away from the building, but the other way around. The curving of the wood pulls the nail out. But still, if the correct nail had been used, it would not have pulled away...


  4. WOW! Such an accomplishment! Congratulations to you both. May you have much happiness,love & peace. Your house is absolutely Beautiful. Laura Rose