Friday, September 17, 2010

Pipes & Propane

Pipes seem to be the theme this week as we continue to ready the house for the move-in.

We finally got our plumbers back on site, and they worked on installing the boiler, and putting in the pipes for the propane that will fuel both the boiler and our cooking stove.

The boiler

It is a cute little thing, that we think will actually not be used very much, since we plan to heat primarily with the wood stove.  But good to have for when we get too old to be splitting and hauling wood.

Dicking around with conduit - again!

Seems like a long time ago now, that we expended a lot of energy trying to get a pull string through the electrical conduit in preparation for getting electricity to the house.  It was quite a struggle...

While we still have not figured out exactly what we will be using for communication with the outside world, but we are anticipating the need for a phone line and/or cable, and so we needed to figure out which of the two remaining conduits under the ground we might use to run this through.

Our options:  Sadly, there is no DSL out here.  I don't think we can live with dial-up for an internet connection.  We just had Comcast come out to make an estimate of cost to run a cable and are waiting for the results...  Will it be $ or $$ or $$$??  Other possibilities to consider are satellite and cellular.

A strong feeling of  Deja Vu ensued for me as we tried this and that to get a pull string through the conduit. 

We are working a good way down the driveway, and don't have an extension cord that long, so first we loaded the generator onto the truck so that we could use the shop vac to get the water out - this actually worked well. 

Then we tried using the shop vac to pull the string (attached to a wadded up plastic bag). It kept getting stuck, but with a fair amount of pulling back and forth, we were able to get it moving through - only to discover to our great dismay - that the string was too short as the whole thing went flying down the conduit and got stuck with no string to pull it back!  That was not bad enough, so then the bag breaks open leaving a chunk of plastic inside the conduit.  OMG!  WTF!  I cannot believe this...  So back to the house to load the compressor onto the truck  - and get a longer string - and try blowing it out. 

Dean made up a fitting to go on the conduit so we could hook up air hose...

So here I put the new wadded up plastic bag (a stronger one that hopefully won't blow open) into the conduit.

And here Dean is applying compressed air to blow it through.

And here is the result!

Sweet victory.  Pretty cool,huh?!


We got the Propane tanks delivered and hooked up on Thursday.

The tanks remain the property of the propane company, but they said we could paint them, but cautioned against using a dark color, as this would cause them to heat up when the sun is on them and make the pop-off valves fire. 

I was thinking that it might be fun to paint a couple of fat little goddesses on them.  Can you picture the Venus Von Willendorf on one of these?

A new skill for Grasshopper

I have added another power tool to my repertoire - the router!  Here I am putting a quarter round profile on the wood which will become the baseboard trim in the house.

Did you notice the foreman keeping an eye on me??

Bringing home the plants

My mother-in-law (and her green thumb) graciously agreed to keep our houseplants for us during this past year as we did not have room for them in our rental unit.  They prospered under her care, but now it is time to take them home, so I went to pick them up yesterday.

Negarre trims off the dead leaves before I load them into my car.

The car is fully loaded.

And here Dean helps to bring them into the house.

The long view...

There is still a bit of shingling to do, but as you can see, when you look at the house from this vantage point, there is very little of the green sheathing now showing. 

We are closing in on this phase, and not a moment too soon, as the seasons they are a changing again....


  1. that's such a clever trick to getting the wire run through the conduit! Jasper will get a kick out of watching the video.

    xxoo -P

  2. Looks great! Good Job!