Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where did the summer go?


Can you believe it is September already?  This is the month that we will be moving in to the house - ready or not! 

Here's the update on our latest progress toward getting the house live able.


This is the first house where we have used recessed cans as part of the lighting plan, and we are finding them a bit challenging, and not sure we like them...  We want to outfit them with energy efficient bulbs where ever possible, but have been having a hard time finding the right fit.

This is a fluorescent flood light.  It hangs down too low, and does not fill the diameter of the can.

This light in the living room, has one of those directional adjustments.  This is definitely the wrong bulb for this!

Dean and Ted have a tete-a-tete about light bulbs...

I was not really finding the solution at the big box home stores, so we turned to the Internet, and found this website, with lots of other bulb options, including LED.  We bought a couple to try out.

So this is the fluorescent with the short base.   It fits the can better, and is pretty bright - maybe too bright?

And this is the LED version which also fits nicely, but might not give enough light...

We are waiting for a time when we are there at night to check out if it gives enough light.  Does anyone have experience using LEDs??  They sure are efficient.  This bulb uses only 3.5 watts!!

Our electricians were on site on Friday and installed some of the other fixtures.

The under and over cabinet lights are in.

The dining room lights got installed.

The downstairs bathroom fixture was installed.


We were having a problem with the water filter.  The water coming out of the faucets was black!  After talking with tech support, it was decided that the problem was that the pH of the water was too acidic, so we had to purchase and install another tank that is filled with water and soda ash to buffer the pH.

Here Dean is getting it set up.

It did the trick and we are now getting clean, filtered H2O!!  Dean continues to "tweek" the pH to find the optimum. 

And now that he has his little kit of pH sticks, the mad scientist is also compelled to check the pH of just about every liquid he can!

Flooring, again

We were not sure what we were going to use for flooring in the south bedroom/library and computer nook, but since we ended up with a bunch of the Hickory flooring left over after doing the whole main living floor of the house, and we did not want to move those heavy bundles yet again, we decided to use it. 

So I am at it again!

Here I share a moment with Pumps, and my gift of a new box of flooring nails!

Here is an "in progress" photo, but actually, as of this posting, I am 99% finished. 


We put in some of the doors - the bathroom and the basement - and the shower door.

Here is the shower door going it - and it fits!

Here is the bathroom door installation.

Shimming the frame.

Checking for level.

Nailing it in....       Done!

Trying it out!

And here's the basement door. 

I am setting the nails, and Dean trims off the shims.  We did this project at the end of a very hot day of hard work, hence my look of exhaustion...

Counter tops

We got the butcher block counter tops sanded.

Setting up the bed

In anticipation of moving in, we dug the bed out of the storage unit, evicted the mice who were living in the posts, scrubbed all the mouse shit and piss off, and we are now ready to set it up in the bedroom

Update of the exterior

The West side is progressing.

One of the places where we have gotten hung up is the North West corner.  Because the topography is a steep slope here, Genie is unable to manage.  She is limited in where she can be leveled, and also in how far she can reach.  So we had to come up with another solution.

We thought we might use the staging that Cathy and Teddy gave us, but it is missing the cross braces, so we are unable to use it.

We finally invested in a set of pump jacks.  Here we are installing them.

And here I try it out.  Pumping this lever with your foot raises the plank.

Because we attached to the fascia board, which because of the wide overhang is far from the body of the house, the plank ends up being kind of far away, and you have to lean in to work.  We will probably have to take it down, and set it up differently...

Anyway,  here's the first attempt at working with the current set up.

Installing the exterior vent for the range hood.

And here is some shingling progress.

And at the end of the day yesterday, we were here...

The septic hump

I am pleased with the progress of turning the hump into a wild grass and wild flower pasture.  The grass has taken over the flowers.  They are there, but not tall enough to be visible right now.  My plan is to do another sowing of flower seed this fall.

It is really pretty when the wind moves through the tall grass, and the height of the grass has done a really nice job of disguising that very un-natural looking rounded hump.

Keeping an eye on the job

Miss P continues in her supervisory capacity...

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  1. LED, expensive, but very low energy usage and you will never change one again.

    BUT, might consider waiting as long as you can..price will drop a bit and technology will improve, although very good now. Check out HD, Philips is the tech leader in this arena