Saturday, October 9, 2010

Settling in

Let's see...  We were just moving in at my last post...  and now it has been two weeks that we live here!

Thanks again to all of you who helped out with the move!

Getting connected

I am blogging from home now thanks to Verizon.  While I was writing my last post at the Ashby Public Library, Verizon was putting in a phone line and setting us up with a DSL connection.

One of our electricians helped us figure out how to set up the WiFi in the house.  Thanks, Bill!

According to Verizon, our

Inspires confidence, doesn't it?
"High Speed Internet service will be provisioned at 1.5 Mbps. This means that your maximum possible connection speed to our network will be 1.5M/384K. The speed you experience when you download or upload files will be lower than connection speed and will depend on a number of factors like the condition of your phone line and the wiring inside your location, Internet or network congestion, among others. Actual speeds and uninterrupted use of the service are not guaranteed."

This posting will be my first real attempt at up and down loading anything other than email...

It was a little touch and go the first week, with a loss of phone and internet service for 24 hours, and then a very crackly phone line for a day or so.

We wondered if the reason might be this connection box left on the ground with just a smear of silicone grease on it to protect from the elements??

After the torrent of rain from the remains of Tropical Storm Nicole, this box was wet,wet, wet and had bits of leaves and other debris in the seams of the housing.

We took matters into our own hands, and got to work constructing this set-up to keep it a little more out of the weather.

Ultimately, it took a visit from our Verizon guy to get the connection problems straightened out. 

Now we had to figure out what we were going to do about TV.  Antenna on the roof??? Dish Network???  Verizon offers a bundle deal that includes Direct TV.  It seemed the easiest, and the cost seemed reasonable, so we decided to go with that.

Dean helped the Direct TV guy with the installation of a dish on the roof.

So we are now fully connected to the outside world!

Getting organized!

Next order of business - get unpacked and organize the chaos.  One of the challenges here is that since we have moved into an unfinished house, none of the closet and storage spaces were ready to receive stuff.

I became obsessed with getting shelves up in the bathroom and utility closets, and got to work on this (with direction from Dean of course!)

So here I am working in what will be the utility closet, and will store cleaning stuff and other things.

Here, Dean is cutting up what was the platform of an old bed that we had used in Pepperell, into sections for shelves for the closets.  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Some priming, sanding and painting, and the shelves were ready to install.  Then some various hooks, and the closet is ready to work!

Now it just needs a door...

The Pantry was the next priority.  Since we belong to a food co-op, we buy a lot of things by the case and in bulk, so I had many boxes of food that needed to be put away.

I had originally envisioned that the pantry would have built in shelves, and I had drawn a layout of the whole thing.  But that project would have taken a LOT of time, so we decided to purchase some of those industrial kitchen shelves instead.

A few purchases from The Container Store provided a few more organizing solutions.

Base cabinet trash receptacle.

And a spice drawer organizer thing.  I love this!  Back in Townsend, I had spices all crammed into a tiny cabinet, and it was a major project each time I needed to find a particular spice.  This is going to be sweet!

More finishing touches

The other challenge in getting settled, is that with so much of the finish work left to do, we are reluctant to move furniture into their final locations, and then have to move it all again to do the work.  So we compromise, as we slowly plug away at some of the finish work.

We got the bedroom door installed - which was good because I had a ton of night shifts this week - and need the dark, quiet bedroom for daytime sleeping.

Here's the door knob going in.

And here Dean works on the baseboard trim.

Finishing this section allowed us to move the hutch into it's final position.

Now I need to find the boxes with the dishes...


I will leave you today with the lovely sunrise we were graced with after Tropical Storm Nicole blew through.

It is nice to be landed, and connected. 

The punch list for finishing and organizing and unpacking remains long, and will keep us busy for a while to come. 

I will continue to update the blog from time to time, and look forward to inviting you all for a house warming soiree in the future...


  1. will tell you how fast your DSL actually is.

  2. welcome home!look forward to seeing you guys soon! xxoo

  3. Nice job on the closets

  4. Nice hutch, closet spaces and house.