Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Home Fires are Burning!

We finally got the woodstove installed and fired up!  And not a moment too soon as night time temperatures dip into the 20's this week!

So here is the pictorial essay on installing the woodstove, a project which was done in a few stages, and spanned a couple of weeks.

First, we had to get the stove from the basement (where it's been patiently waiting all this time) up to the first floor of the house.

We (Dean) decided to use the backhoe to carry the stove from the basement to the front porch.  Here we position the backhoe and set up a ramp.

Here is the stove securely strapped to a hand truck as Dean wheels it out the door.

As you can see, our ramp cracked under the weight of the 440 pound stove.

But we did get it onto the Hoe, and here Dean heads out...

And we made it to the porch.

Next step is to get it in the house...  Another ramp system is configured.

And we're in!

At this point, the stove lived in the entryway for a week or so, while we ordered and waited for the interior connection pipe.  You will recall that we had erected the exterior chimney during the summer.

So our next step was to move the stove into it's position on the hearth. 

I had yet another instance of being impressed by Dean's knowledge of mechanical advantage and use of simple machines like levers.

Using wood blocks and levers we incrementally raised the stove off the floor.

Then we were able to attach the legs.

Then reverse the process with lifting the stove, and incrementally removing the blocks.

My job was placing and removing the blocks (and taking the photos), while Dean did the lifting...

Once the legs were on, we used a longer lever to shimmy the stove into position on the hearth sliding the stove on pieces of cardboard to protect from scratching the tile.

Dean checks the alignment.

Now we are ready to install the pipe.

First we had to remove this section of the old pipe.  It was slightly corroded and rusted in place, so it required some elbow grease and gripping tools.

Here Dean drills out holes to attach the new pipe.

And then he begins fitting the pipe...

And then he connects the pipe segments with screws.

At this point, on a Friday at 4 PM, we realized that we needed one more piece to connect between the indoor pipe and the "through the wall" segment, but the company was closed for the weekend, and so we had to wait until Monday to order the part....

And then...

The last connecting piece for the pipe arrived on Tuesday, and we were able to complete the installation.

Double checking the distance.

Making the final attachments.

Installing the heat shield.

Starting a fire!  Yippee!

Nothing says Home Sweet Home like a cozy fire in the woodstove!


  1. what a beautiful little stove!

  2. Cathy!! how do you have time to write all this?????? Love you! have a wonderful xmas,,,,p.s we played the yankee swap WRONG!!!!!