Friday, February 11, 2011


The big story around these parts is snow!

Those of you who also live in the Northeast know that all of the snow management activities we've been dealing with over the past few weeks leaves time for little else to get done.

So here is some snow-related stuff we've been up to...

Plowing the driveway.


And did I mention cold?  You would not believe how much firewood we have been going through.

Back to the woodpile for another load.

Pumpy LOVES the snow!

She could not be happier than when cavorting in the snow!

Some random snowy views from around the property

Can you guess what is hiding under this mound of snow?

I have not started referring to the property as "the yard" yet.  I guess because it still looks mostly like a construction site, and has no landscaping, and no garden.  It's going to be one muddy mess come spring when all this snow melts!

It does make for a pretty landscape, though, with those long purple shadows and all...

The roof

Close-up of ice dam.

We have been continuing to try to figure out the solution to the roof venting problem.  After a bunch of research, Dean has decided that replacing the ridge vent is the fix, and he is on the phone right this minute talking with the roofer to schedule this work.

~ ~ ~ OK.  Let's head inside and see what's been happening on the interior ~ ~ ~

Bathroom trim

We finally got the last piece of trim installed to finish the bathroom window.

and Voila!

The entryway

We managed to get all of the whole tiles for the entryway floor in place, and now it was time to rent a tile cutting saw to finish the job.

We are now ready for grout.

Well, that's about it for indoor progress.  See what I mean?  Snow takes a lot of focus and energy.

But, the groundhog has come and gone, which means that spring is on the way...

Did someone say "groundhog"?