Monday, May 9, 2011

Border Patrol

Armed with a handheld GPS, a compass, and a plot plan of our land, we have spent some time tromping around in the woods trying to find and mark our property bounderies.  It's been fun, and we think we got at least close to identifying some of our borders. 

Yesterday we cut our mission short after struggling to make our way through thick stands of Mountain Laurel whilst also being attacked by black flies.

Day one.  Nice warm weather.  No black flies.

My job on these outings is to mark our landmarks with this red plastic tape.

Pumpy, of course loves these outings.

Day two.  Partly cloudy with a chance of rain.

So this is what a drill hole looks like!

Consulting the plot plan.

Day three.  The black flies have arrived...

We found a jeep trail.  Dean stops to record the location in the GPS.

Pumpy stops for a dip in Locke Brook.

Some of our nature sightings.

Birch with lichens.

Big old tree.

A stand of birches.

Lots of Trillium in bloom.


  1. Beautiful and nice stone walls! Ah well...the black flies. That reminds me of a May camping trip up in Vermont once - gorgeous trilliums everywhere, but I wished I had a beekeeper outfit!

  2. love the photo of the birch with lichens! xxoo -P

  3. Those birch tree thingies might be polypores or shelf fungi etc. Awesome big old tree and flowers! Do black flies that were inside the border prior to its marking get amnesty?