Saturday, June 25, 2011

Site Work

I realize it has been a while since I have posted.  So, I have been trying to wait until I had a couple of completed projects to showcase.  And also, my time is probably better spent actually getting things done rather than blogging about them!

A few of you have recently told me that you have been enjoying the blog, and even look forward to the updates!  Thanks for your kind words.  I very much enjoy keeping the blog, and telling the story.

The big story of this episode is site work.

We've accomplished some major progress out in the yard, since our excavator has been back to finish up the grading, and loaming, etc. 

Rock & Roll

It started with building some stone walls on the south side of the house, which is the side that you see as you drive in.  To refresh your memory, Dean and I had attempted to build a wall some time back.  This is what we accomplished in about 2 weeks of working on it.

And this is how it remained through the winter and early spring...

We have plenty of rocks on site - piles of them actually.  Our excavator had many to choose from, and harvested several truckloads.

And here is what 2 men accomplished in two days!

A stairway will eventually go in here.

Right now, it is Pumpernickel's personal ramp!

Stepping up

Our excavator  got us a nice hunk of granite for the step to the main entrance.

Rock & Roll - Part Deux

Then more rocks were placed...

...and this area is defined. 

I plan to plant lots of perennials here for an English Cottage Garden type look. I have a few plants from our old house that have been living in pots for 2 years, and now they have a place to put down roots.

By the way, if any of you have perennials that you will be dividing this fall, I could offer them a good home!

Another area that got a lot of attention, and used up great piles of rocks, is the East side of the house.  This area slopes steeply away from the house, and we wanted to widen and level it to create a side yard.

This was accomplished by building a long retaining wall, and adding fill.

View from the second floor...

This retaining wall used a LOT of rocks, and our piles are dwindling.

Dry Well

Installing a dry well is another project that took place in the East yard.  This will accept the twice weekly flushing of our water filtration system.

Dean prepares this big hunk of corrugated pipe.

Then our excavator takes it from here...


Then back to the front of the house to put in cement piers for footings for the future deck.  Dean actually did this project by himself using these pre-formed piers.

Dig a hole...

Insert pier...

 Get ready to back fill.


Once all the grading was accomplished, a nice layer of loam was brought in.  This loam actually came from our property.  Our excavator trucked it off, screened and cleaned it up, and trucked it back.

With the loam in place, it was time for grass seed.  And as luck would have it, this was followed by about a week of continuous rain - a weather pattern that is great for growing grass!

Yard Views

So here are some up-to-the-minute views of the yard taken just this morning.

View from the porch.

View of the West yard and main entrance taken from the hump.

Beginnings of an herb garden in the West yard.

Two views of the North yard.

The East yard.

Broad view of the Southern approach.

Basement entrance - South side.

Beginnings of a foundation for the garage.


Memorial Day weekend we were graced with a visit from some members of the Moore clan.

That's it for this update. 

The interior progress has been somewhat slower, but we keep plugging away, and in my next post, I will show you what we have been up to.