Friday, July 22, 2011

The Armoire Project

If you have been following along, you will recall that I wanted more storage in the bedroom, so went on to Craig's List and found an armoire.  Here it is with the doors off waiting to be moved upstairs.

I forgot to take a good "before" picture, so I will describe the piece.  It was built in Mexico, and is pretty rustic.  The doors had panels of wormwood, and the hinges and hardware were a sort of decorative rusty Old Spanish style.  It was beautiful in it's own rustic way, but I had something else in mind. 

So here is the story of the transformation.

I started with the paint, using Benjamin Moore's 2029-50  which they call "potpourri green".  The link does not do justice to the color in my opinion.  I call it "cool as a cucumber" - it is a really nicely saturated cucumber green, and not at all pastel.

After painting, we were ready to figure out hardware - door pulls and hinges, and such.

I found these sweet little bluebird door knobs at an Etsy shop.

Because of the design of the door, we needed to use a spacer so that the knob would clear the doors decorative trim piece. 

So we found these nuts at the Ashby Market and thought they would do the trick,

but we discovered the thread did not match with the screws we got, so Dean drilled them to enlarge the opening so that they would slip over the screw.

Grasp the nut in a pair of vice grips.

Add a drop of oil.


Clean with brake cleaner solvent.

Speaking of screws...

Seems like ages ago, I had already learned from Dean about the different types of screws such as wood screws and sheet metal screws, etc.  This project took my "screw knowledge" to a new level. 
Who knew that once you are in the right category of screws, that there is more than getting the correct length and diameter to consider??  I had not even considered the thread.  It only took purchasing 3 sets of screws to get the right ones.  Turns out we needed a metric measure screw...
So finally, with the spacers prepared, and the screws of the correct length, diameter AND thread, I was able to put the knobs on.

Now on to the hinges.

We used a simple surface mount hinge.

Later I painted the hinges to match the armoire.

and here is the finished project!

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  1. Nice job! wouldn't have known it was the same armoire I saw when we visited.
    xxoo -P