Sunday, November 13, 2011

Raising the Roof

When I last posted, we were assembling the trusses for the garage/barn/workshop roof.

Once they were all assembled into groups of 4 -6 or so, we added the overhangs to the gable ends.

To accommodate the roof overhang, the trusses on each of the gable ends are a little lower than the rest.  This creates a cantilever to attach the ladder section that becomes the overhang.

Next we attached some of the exterior sheathing.  Dean figured it was easier to as much of this work as possible while at ground level.

At this point, we were near ready to get these sections of roof up onto the building.

But then.....

Snowtoberfest arrived!

We got dumped with 22 inches in Ashby.  Power outages were widespread, as many of you know and personally experienced.

Let's hope that our  big-ass, Army surplus generator will start...


So we were distracted for about a week with various snow management projects.  We fared better than many in our community, getting our main power back in just 2 days.  And the generator was able to power pretty much the entire house - I think we even ran the dishwasher at one point...

But I digress.

Back to the roof, which is what this post is about, after all.

The days that followed the storm were warm, and lots of melting took place.  I personally shoveled the snow off of ALL of those roof sections.

We also needed to shovel out the garage floor to clear it for the big day of putting the roof up.

Can you tell by my fake smile, that I was not very happy to be doing this?

Finally, the day arrived to get the roof up.

The crane gets set.

Here goes the first section...

Here's a snippet of video documentation
(turn up the volume if you like the sound of diesel engines)

And about 4 hours later, this is what we had.

At this point, the whole roof system needs to be secured with cross bracing.  

In this view from below, you can see the big gaps where panels of sheathing will tie together the truss sections.

And then the next bit of work is to finish putting up the sheathing, and put on the shingles.  So Genie - who has been idle most of the summer - is being called back into service.

Happy to be working with Genie again???

Here goes some sheathing.

And here are the shingles.

So, you are now up to date on the garage project.

There has been a little progress on things inside the house, but I will cover that in another post.  Until then...