Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bathroom vanity

In this post, I've decided to try focusing on a single project rather than my usual update of many systems...

One of the indoors projects we have managed to complete is the vanity for the upstairs bathroom.

It started with this idea I had that I wanted to use an old bureau rather than buying a vanity from Lowes or Home Depot. 

I found what I was looking for at Hobart Village, an antiques coop mall in Townsend.  It is quarter sawn oak, and looks nice but is not a valuable antique - this is important because she is going to get chopped up a bit as you will see...

I forgot to take a good "before" photo with all the drawers in place, so this one from the day we put the bureau in place will have to do.

In this photo you can see how the plumbing fits through the holes we cut out of the back.

Next we took the entire top off, and prepped the opening to receive the sink.

The sink will be mounted under the counter top.

I took a trip over to Merrimack Stone with the idea that I would be ordering a Silestone counter top.  Silestone looks similar to Corian but it is a composite using stone dust.  I found out that I would have to order a full sheet - very $$$ - so they encouraged me to go out into the yard and see if there were any remnants that I liked. 

And guess what?  I found this absolutely gorgeous piece of stone called Crema de Marfil.  It is a beige limestone, that comes from Spain and originates from the Eocene period (other authorities say Jurassic) with many fossil fragments (foraminifera + echinoderma).

Here is a close-up of the stone.  It looks much better in person.

The top was cut to nearly the same dimensions and configuration of the original bureau top.  And here it is being installed.

The project arrested at this point for a few months, and we just recently got around to finishing it.

The two top drawers had to be mostly cut away for the plumbing, rendering them useless as actual drawers.

They are secured in place with screws.

The middle drawer was partially cut away, but still has some useful storage space in it.

And the bottom drawer just needed a small notch cut out.

And here is the completed sink and vanity.

Just the tub area, closet doors, and some trim and this bathroom will be done!


  1. Love it! and we've used that same crema de marfil also. I think it's simple yet beautiful. xxoo -P

  2. Wow!!! Just like the Eveready Bunny. You just keep on going.
    Love it.