Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dormer Done!

I've decided to try to bang put a few smaller, quicker posts, each showing a completed project.

Many of our projects, while not overly time consuming in total hours worked, end up taking us a long time to complete because we do them in small portions. The south facing dormer exterior is a perfect example, and overall was many, many, many months to completion.

Dean's criteria for being able to work on the dormer included:
  1. Cathy is not day-time sleeping
  2. It is not too windy -  because it is scary swaying around up there on the Genie lift
  3. It is not raining
  4. There is no snow on the roof
  5. It is not so warm that the bees and hornets are active - also scary!
  6. No birds are nesting in the eaves - can't disturb the cycle of life!
Applying these criteria made the progression of this project slow, as there were many times that it could not be worked on...

I was most excited about the addition of the decorative brackets.  This was the first one to go up.

Here go two more...

A notch in the rake board to fit the bracket.

For a total of three.

Don't they look so cute? 
They add a lot of character, and along with the shingle patterns and the large roof overhangs, really give the exterior that Craftsman-style look.

That's it for this post!  Short and sweet, right?


  1. Looks fabulous!!

  2. The dormer does add a little somethin' somethin'-looks great! My husband and I are the same way with projects by doing them in small increments. Our focus is on the yard with our very first house...that needs a lot of work so we understand. Keep it up!