Monday, June 25, 2012

A Built -in Bookshelf

Here is short post about the bookshelf we built and installed in the upstairs guest room/computer room/library.  It is another example of a smallish project which evolved over several weeks time.

We started 1 x 11 clear pine. 

Once we figured out how many shelves we wanted, Dean used the router to cut dadoes into the upright sections to hold the shelves.

The cut out will fit against the baseboard heat cover.

Then he cut the lengths of wood that would become the shelves.

We pre-painted the whole thing before installing.

When it came to the installation, we had intended to put it up in sections, starting with the upright against the wall.  Which we did, and then discovered that (SURPRISE) the walls are not square!

So we ended up taking this section out - very carefully so as to not destroy it. 

And we decided to assemble the whole system on the floor and then lift it into place.  We would then use silicone and wood filler to address the gaps due to the wonky walls...

Some of the shelves were a little cupped or twisted, and needed to be planed in order to fit into the dado slots.

I could not find my ear plugs, so improvised with some toilet tissue...

And we ended up with this.

Dean secured the unit to the wall using screws.

And then I got to work with the wood filler.

After all the filled joints were dry and sanded, I touched up the paint, and then finally she was ready for books.

And there you have it!

A nice "built-in" bookshelf unit...