Saturday, September 29, 2012

Family Photos Gallery Wall

I was saving this section of wall to install a gallery of family photos.  I chose this wall according to the principles of Feng Shui - the ancient Chinese art of placing objects for optimal flow of Chi (energy) to benefit the health and good fortune of the home's inhabitants.

The bagua indicates that this is the right place in the house for honoring family and ancestors.

I had already framed the photos I was going to use, and did a lay-out on the dining room table.

So I gathered my tools & the framed photos.

The grandmothers were the first to go up...
 and I continued from there until I got here...

I did end up adding one more photo - and may still add in a few more, as I don't have any of either my or Dean's paternal grandparents.

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  1. Who'd have thought decades after her death a picture of mémère would hang on the wall or that the wall would exist?