Wednesday, September 26, 2012

House Warming Open House Party

If you missed it, I'm sorry.  If you made it - thank you for bringing your warmth and spirit to our home!

We had perfect weather.  One of those sunny, not-too-warm and not-too-cool September days that turned into a cool evening and did not rain until after everyone went home.

We had a popcorn machine.

We had a dance tent.  With the exception of one short dance w Raquel and Aslan, nobody danced :-((

We had a children's scavenger hunt and a MooreHouseHomeBuild scavenger hunt for my blog followers.

We had a campfire.

Eric brought his traveling SnoCone machine in the back of his minivan!

So here are some pics.  I wish I had taken more.

The Bernier clan monopolized the septic hump sitting area.


Aslan enjoyed watching the popcorn get popped

Lucky Dean

Some Ashby folks

Soley was the sole winner of the MHHB scavenger hunt!

I'm already thinking about having another party next year - Dean's gonna kill me!


  1. Great party, beautiful house !!! Should have arrived earlier and stayed later. Thank you !!!

  2. Glad everyone had a good time...wish we could have been there....congratulations!

  3. Such an awesome party. Great time. Beautiful home. I am so proud of the two of you for doing so much in the building of it. And the party was so much fun, even though I only got to stay for a short time. Thanx so much for inviting me. If you do it again, next year, count me in, please. Good luck in you fantastic new home. And big loves to Pumpernickel. Sorry that I forgot to bring a dog bone cookie for him.
    Next visit!!!
    Hugs to you both, Sunny/Edna