Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Wild Chickens

We have a clan of about 12 wild turkeys that have been visiting almost daily.  We have been watching the turkettes catch up in size with the adults since spring.  They love to visit our septic hump wild flowers and wild grasses mini pasture.  It is fun watching them chase bugs, and strip the seeds from the grasses.

I have been saying to Dean how I would like build a little coop and get some chickens at some point.  I know it is SO trendy right now, but that is not the reason...  I think it would be great to have our own fresh eggs, even though it is pretty easy to find fresh locally raised eggs around these parts.  Also, I have heard that chickens are good  at eating up all the ticks if you let them free range...

Dean is reluctant about this plan so far, and so he has started referring to the turks as our "wild chickens" to appease me...


  1. I'm quite sure those are chickens. ;-)


  2. What lovely wild chickens!