Sunday, January 6, 2013

Big Ass Doors for the Big Ass Garage

Yikes!!  It has been over 2 months since I have posted an update! 

Maybe I should change the title of this post to "The LAZY blogger".  But I won't because the focus of this edition is doors.  So here it goes.

Dean had been working on constructing doors for the garage.  Our goal was to get her buttoned up before the snow flies - which we did!

So here is the process.

The frames of the doors are constructed from steel for structure and wood on which to attach the siding.

My contribution to the effort was to help flip the door.

Once one set of doors were built, there was the matter of putting them up.  Dean rigged up a system using a come-along and Genie to slowly pull each door up into position. 
We would have used the backhoe, like we did to raise the walls of the garage, but she needs to have her hydraulics rebuilt, so is out of commission...


Big ass doors require big ass hinges, and rather than spend mucho bucks purchasing them, Dean decided he would fabricate them.

Here he is grinding the inside to fit the bushings.

And here is a bushing being inserted.

And here is the bushing in place.

Then we need some hinge pins...

Dry fitting the hinge.

And here it is all welded into place on the door!

Here Dean demonstrates the first door frame up and running!

When two doors were up, Dean attached the siding.

Here is what they look like from the inside.

This is the second set of doors, and you can see some of the rigid foam insulation that has been added to the inside.  More of this will be added for a nice thick R-value and then the whole thing will be enclosed with plywood.

And here we are - two sets of big ass doors - and one little door which we got for free from our local transfer station.  Did you know these little doors are referred to as a "man door"?

I think that the big doors look somewhat monolithic, and would look much cuter with a few cross pieces to give more of a barn door look like in these pics below.


What do you think?