Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Renovating Already???

So we've been living in the house for a little over 2 years, and it is still not finished, but yes, already we are changing things...

It is amazing the things you learn from living in a space that you could not have anticipated while designing and building said space!

Anywho, here's a couple of fixes we have been working on. 

One is a correction of something that was not done to my liking.  Picky-picky.  And one is a window after-thought that came about from living with the room and then deciding we wanted more light.

More Windows

The master bedroom was deliberately designed to be darkish.  I have mentioned before about my night shift work and my need to sleep in the daytime, and therefore planned the bedroom on the North side of the house with smaller windows to facilitate easy darkening. 

And it works! 

The problem is that it is pretty dim in there even at times when we would prefer a little more brightness.  For example, I have to turn lights on just to find a pair of socks, etc.

So, since the dormer in which the bedroom is located, still did not have it's exterior shingles installed, it seemed like a good time to add in a couple more windows...

So we cut a hole in the wall!

Here's the window in place.
And then Dean went to work on the shingles.

The interior trim remains to be done.  And there will eventually be a matching window on the other side of the dormer.
It's amazing how much brighter it is with just this one additional window.  I'm glad we did it!
Baseboard Heat Enclosure Correction
You might recall that we were not happy with the amount of baseboard heat register that our plumber installed.  Dean's solution was to put in more register, and he did this by placing the extra register above the ones that were already in place. 
This extra register works great.  Now, when we turn up the thermostat, we get heat in a relatively short time instead of it taking 8 hours to warm the room.
You might also recall that rather than use the standard metal baseboard heat enclosures that most houses have, we are building our own out of wood.
So this one section in the living room, that now has 3 tiers of register needed to be enclosed.
The problem that you don't see is that just a bit to the right of where this photo ends, is the electrical outlet under the window.
Dean's original solution was to run the enclosure up to the outlet, then step it down to finish the run to the door jamb. 
 I was not happy with this.  I felt it looked very in-elegant and amaturish, and it really bugged me even though we could put a chair in front of it and mostly not even see it.   But you know how it is when something like that really bugs the crap out of you!
I was in favor of the more complicated solution that involved moving the outlet.  And so my lovely, indulgent husband finally came around to my point of view and is fixing it for me.
And, smiling while doing so!  Isn't he sweet?

Cutting out a chunk of drywall to get at the box.  Shut off the circuit first!

A new box is installed and oriented in the horizontal, rather than vertical to clear the baseboard enclosure.  Then some patching with spackle.

The new enclosure will be a nice straight run across the entire wall.  This looks SO much nicer than before.
Here we are cutting a section of luan whcih will make up the front part of the enclosure.

 I will post the finished project when it's done!
We have also been pecking away at some of the trim work that remains on the punch list.
Baseboard trim

And the supervisor, although exhibiting more dementia and needing to wear a diaper on occasion,  is ever watchful...