Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still Plugging Away...

We've been working on a number of projects since I last posted.  Plugging away here and there, but our punch list seems to get longer instead of shorter...

We do a little of this and a little of that, schizophrenically moving from one project to another and back as time and weather permit.  When the weather is decent, Dean works on outdoor projects, and when it rains or snows, the indoor projects get some attention.  So this post has no completed projects with the exception of the following:

In my last post, I promised to show the end result of the electrical outlet re-orientation/heat register re-do.  So here you go!

It looks so much better, don't you think?

Pocket Door for Upstairs Guest Room/Office/Library

Dean has started working on a pocket door for the upstairs South facing room.  It is a wide opening and so two door slabs are needed for the space.

The slabs are connected together using a biscuit joiner, biscuits and glue.


Strips of wood were also glued to the top and bottom of the door to increase the strength and stability.


Wood putty and some sanding and she is ready for paint...

Prepping the Upstairs Bathroom Tub Enclosure for Tile
Dean is putting up some more of the cement board that is the backing for the tile.
We are planning 2 inset "nooks" in the tub surround area.  You know how I love a nook!
Some Outdoors Stuff
Most of the outdoor work this past winter and early spring have focused on this corner of the house.

I mentioned in a previous post what it takes to move the Genie lift, and so Dean is trying to get everything done on this corner before moving her. 

Included on the list were:
1.  Install the window which you saw in my last post.
2.  Finish the shingling which goes very slowly in this area because it is a tight/awkward location to work in, there are a lot of cuts, and to add to the challenge we added yet another shingle pattern!
3.  Enclose the soffits with bead board
4.  Tack the TV wire to the building
5.  Put up gutter and downspout

Everything but the gutters and downspout are now done.

Dean also worked on some of the bead board enclosure of the porch soffit.

It was always our plan to use ship lap on three sides of the garage, and to do the front in shingles.  So I decided I wanted to start on this.  My thinking being that I could work on it independently whenever I have a little smidgen of time. 

Here's the first section to go up...

The other outdoor project that has my attention right now is prepping for my pebble mosaic which will become the top landing of our outdoor steps.
Since you have to work quickly once you have mixed the cement, I decided that it would be smart for me to lay out my entire design first. 
To do this, Dean helped me build a sandbox in which to work out the design, and here is where I am at so far...

Still Finding Mistakes
When we went to turn on the water to one of the outdoor spigots this week, and water started gushing into the basement, we discovered yet another fuck-up by our former plumber.  Can you guess what he did wrong?

The packaging for the replacement silcock states very clearly:

Other Stuff
For the past couple of weeks, Dean's time has been taken up with fixing vehicles.  The truck needed a heater core, the Jetta needed a water pump, wheel bearings and a timing chain, and the backhoe still needs a hydraulic re-build...
Solar Panels
They are still sitting in the basement, but we are moving closer to getting started on installing them.
1.  We started filling out the paperwork to apply to Unitil for net metering.
2.  We moved Genie over to the garage.
3.  We got in touch with our electrician.
I think that once all of the vehicles are fixed, we will be able to start putting the panels on the roof, and I am hopeful that my next post will show us doing just that!


  1. LOVE the pebble mosaic!!!!!!!
    xxoo -Pari

  2. Where's the Supervisor?