Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Locker Project

Well hello there! 

Sorry I have been away from the blog for so long.  But do not interpret this to mean that we are not still working away at things. 

Sometimes I have to choose between working on projects or blogging about working on projects, and lately I have been choosing the former.

So this post is about one project that came about as a solution to the problem of what to do with Dean's dirty-but-not-dirty-enough-for-the-laundry-but-too-dirty-to-put-away clothes.  For a long, long time they tended to be piled on the floor and a chair in the living room, unless we had company, and then they went someplace else.

I follow a few home d├ęcor blogs and was seeing that lockers - yes old school & industrial lockers - are on trend in the interior design world, and decided this might work as a solution.  Easy to use - just hang clothes on hooks- and it would not take up too much space in the living room.  And it HAS to be in the living room because that's where the clothes come off, and it would be too much to have to carry them to another room!

So, I pinned a few on Pinterest.

Then I went looking for one, but could not find any that were affordable...

So, I had this old door that I had picked up on the side of the road a while back.  It was an over sized cabinet door, and it became the inspiration to build our own locker.

Here we go. 

It started with building a box.  We used a bunch of scrap wood for this.

We HAD to invest in this new wood-working tool that makes a nifty recess for a screw in order to build the frame for the box.

When we were designing the locker, I had the idea that we could fashion an area at the bottom to house the sub woofer for our TV's sound system.  I envisioned a metal mesh panel so the sound could get out.
I got to learn how to use this metal shear to cut the mesh.

And here I am installing the mesh panel in the box.

Once the box was built, it was time to put on a finish.  I again turned to the internet and Pinterest for inspiration and decided I wanted to try this technique of covering it with aluminum foil.  What?  Yes - aluminum foil! 

Actually, even before we built the box, this was my plan, which is why we could get away with using really un-pretty scrap plywood for the structure.

I used wall paper paste to adhere the foil.  Here I am working on the door.

I put the foil on with the dull side out.  I was going for an aged metal look and did not want it to be too shiny.

I used a brayer to roll out the bubbles and smooth it down.

Once the entire unit was covered with foil, I used a metallic glaze to give it an even more aged metal look.  Then I applied a few coats of polyurethane in a satin finish to add a layer of protection so hopefully the foil doesn't get all beat up.
Next it was time for hardware.
Dean had a long section of piano hinge - good thing he saves things!  He cut it into 3 hinges and drilled some holes.
Then we got busy installing them.

I wanted to use casters on the locker - partly for ease of moving, but also for that cool industrial look.  I purchased these on eBay, and put them on. 
But we quickly realized that they made the unit too tall, and we feared that the added weight of the door would make it tip over.  So sadly, I had to take them off.  But they DID look very cool for a moment!
I had some cabinet pulls that I had gotten from a free-cycler, and I used a couple of them on the door.  I was given some brass coat hooks from my BFF CathyO, and used these on the inside.
And it's working!  Look how happy he is to put his jeans on a hook...

And it looks nice in the living room.

There you have it.
I will try not to be a stranger, and post soon about some of the other things we have accomplished this summer.