Monday, June 9, 2014

Rocks in Our Heads

One of several piles of rocks on our property

We have a lot of rocks!  Anytime we dig a whole - like to plant something - we find rocks.  This is one of several piles of BIG rocks that were excavated when the land was cleared for building.

We are now moving some of these rocks to build a stone border wall around the island that is in the center of the driveway. 

It started with my wanting to clean up and landscape that area.  We cut down a bunch of scraggly and damaged trees.  After I raked out all of the old dead leaves that had collected there we had a nice surprise of a good size colony of lady slippers that popped up! 

Here is our process:  Once we find the rock we want, we use a chain and the backhoe to pick it up.  We move it to where we want and put it roughly in place, then push and nudge it with the backhoe shovel to refine the position.  

 Occasionally we use crowbars and muscle to finalize the stone's placement.

Speaking of muscle, ever since I learned how to do a few chin-ups, I am always looking for opportunities to try them out from various overhangs, so I could not resist hanging from the hoe!


But I digress...

So here is what we've got done so far.

We are pretty obsessed with rocks right now.  Anytime we have a couple of hours we look at each other and say "Wanna move some rocks?"  And when we are not moving them, we walk around the property and "visit" our rocks and imagine where and how we will use them.  

This is what happens when you don't have children - instead of planning child care, and soccer games, and college choices, we are imagining the futures of our ROCKS!

Here's a few other things we have been up to.

Tiling the Bathroom

We have finally started tiling the tub surround in the upstairs bathroom. 

I wanted to use glass tile, but it is expensive, so I came up with an idea to use glass mosaic tile for just a portion of the area, and use standard ceramic tile for the remainder.  

But as usual, I wanted to do something different, so I came up with a hair brained (Dean's words) idea to mount the mosaic tile vertically instead of horizontally which is how you most often see it used in back splashes.

Stay tuned to see how this experiment turns out!

While we had the wet saw rented, we cut the stone tile to finish the window seat in the dining room.   This is the same honed granite that we used for the wood stove hearth and the entry floor.

Once this is grouted, we can finish the trim around the window - yay!

Solar Update

The solar photovoltaic panels that we bought over a year ago are still sitting in the basement not generating electricity.  We had originally planned to do the installation ourselves, but for various reasons including feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork, we finally decided to hire a professional.  They do everything including dealing with our local utility to apply for the net metering program, getting the permits, and applying for all the rebates.  Installation is due to start in July.  I will post updates as it unfolds...

Until my next post, I will leave you with a couple of pics of the gardens.

The "Friends" garden is filling in nicely